Response & Recovery


Stronger Together: Visit Anaheimthe Anaheim Chamber of Commerce and the Anaheim/Orange County Hotel & Lodging Association have joined together to form the Response and Recovery COVID-19 task force. The three organizations are working with the City of Anaheim, communications, Emergency Operating Center and Community Services to provide information and resources for local residents and businesses.

The partnership group meets to coordinate efforts with affected business industries and community stakeholders. The task force also holds security meetings with hotels and restaurants that have closed as a result of the state’s executive order.

Governor Newsom's New Plan to Reopen California's Economy
California Governor Gavin Newsom recently announced a new statewide plan for reopening California, titled the Blueprint for a Safer Economy. The four-tiered plan imposes risk-based criteria on COVID-19 allowable activities and expands the length of time between any changes to county monitoring levels. The full plan details can be found at

The new monitoring requirements include:

  • New, mandatory metrics on case rates and test positivity;
  • Four categories replace the prior system based on County specific monitoring and oversight;
  • Additional processes to allow some sectors to partially open; and
  • New processes to close again when conditions worsen.

Counties will fall into one of four colored tiers – Purple (Widespread), Red (Substantial), Orange (Moderate), and Yellow (Minimal) – based on how prevalent COVID-19 is in each county and the extent of community spread. The assigned color will indicate how sectors can operate.

Business Resources

Many business owners, especially small businesses, may be closed for an extended time due to this crisis. Please see the following state and federal links for resources to assist you and your employees:

CA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response
California's Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Website is the one-stop-shop for all state resources pertaining to COVID-19 which includes: information on employment and taxes, education services, health care resources, as well as latest diagnosis and death counts.

Department of Labor
The website for the United States Department of Labor provides information and answers to questions related to COVID-19, the Family & Medical Leave Act, and other public health emergencies. 

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
The website for the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides information on pandemic preparedness in the workplace and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Internal Revenue Service
The Internal Revenue Service Website highlights steps to help taxpayers, businesses, and others affected by the coronavirus; including information on the new tax payment deadline of July 15.

We will be sending out updates as things change
This is the latest information as of November 16, 2020