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10 Vegan and Vegetarian Hot Spots in Anaheim

Anaheim offers a treasure-trove of dining options. For vegans and vegetarians in the crowd, there are a plethora of restaurants dedicated to offering all your favorite dishes. Travelers, grab this list and explore Anaheim's 10 must-try vegan and vegetarian spots.

Tana Ethiopian Restaurant

A true vegetarian restaurant, this spot serves lunch and dinner six days a week. The Vegetable Special is highly recommended and offers a bevy of 15 different vegetarian stews to spread around the plate and is served with Injera bread for dipping. (Injera is made with teff, a tiny, round grain that flourishes in the highlands of Ethiopia. While teff is very nutritious, it contains practically no gluten.) The cuisine is fresh and colorful and the staff is friendly and helpful for those needing assistance to navigate the incredible menu.

2622 W. La Palma Ave. |

Kareem's Restaurant

This restaurant features Middle Eastern cuisine and some wonderful vegan options. There is kousa mahshi (stuffed Lebanese zucchini), molokhia (Egyptian vegetable stew), green bean casserole and mujadara (a savory vegetarian dish with dried lentils and bulgur wheat). The choices are aplenty. They also serve beef, lamb and chicken for those who are not vegan. The staff is friendly and welcoming. 

1208 S. Brookhurst Street | Kareem's Falafel