For meeting professionals who are looking for opportunities to maximize ROI, Synchronicities unites three destinations for a coast-to-coast, year-to-year knowledge transfer and partnership that ensures the best deal possible, consistent service, and customized attendee engagement opportunities that deliver bottom-line value.

Synchronicities is an unparalleled solution among three cities that are equally committed to making your meetings more successful. Focus groups and surveys helped inform us about the combination of value and resources that is important for your meetings and your attendees. Synchronicities is based on that input.

Click on the city overviews below to learn more about our partner cities and what they each have to offer and when you are ready, contact us and discover how we can provide a seamless, easy and consistent solution for your future meetings.



I would definitely recommend this to any of my peers. If it’s the right fit for their meeting then I think it’s a great value… The benefit is the savings to our bottom line.Heidi Prange, CMP | Director of Meetings & Exhibits at Society of Toxicology


The knowledge transfer between the three cities in Synchronicities is seamless. It just happens behind the scenes, which makes my job easier!Mauren Goodson | Executive Director at National Postal Forum

Synchronicities is a partnership that delivers what meeting professionals and attendees want most, an unbeatable combination of value and resources. The partnership assists professionals in achieving their specific business objectives by offering customizable options based on the needs of individual meetings. This personalization is the foundation of Synchronicities, along with a seamless knowledge transfer between the three cities, and a united services and marketing platform.