Knott's Halloween Frights: Where Nightmares Never End

Back for its 46th year, Knott’s Berry Farm presents Scary Farm, a Halloween tradition in Buena Park, California. Over 1,000 monsters transform the park into the largest haunting in Southern California. The iconic fog hides the horrors that may be lurking. Knott's Scary Farm is full of innovative thrills and an endless supply of screams.


Exciting during the daytime, the Knott’s roller coasters become even more thrilling when you ride them in the dark. GhostRider, Sierra Sidewinder, Jaguar and for the first time, Silver Bullet, can be ridden in pitch blackness. HangTime, the first and only dive coaster in California, features a new lighting scheme with timed show moments during the season. Also, don’t miss the Timber Mountain Log Ride: Halloween Hootenanny with new triggered scares, only during Scary Farm. Maximize your time in both the mazes and rides by picking up a Fright/Fast Lane pass to bypass the lines.

New Shows

A pop culture parody returns to the Calico Stage in the high-flying comedy and stunt show, The Hanging. In the Charles M. Schulz Theatre, celebrate B movies in Hacks! Cutting Room Floor, an improvisational comedy show with audience participation. Masters of illusion take the stage at the Bird Cage Theatre in Conjurers - Magic and Mirth. Zombies hit the dance floor in Fiesta Village during Awaken the Dead. If you’re looking to bring the nightmares home, stock up on Scary Farm merch and unique art pieces at Into the Fog: A Scary Farm Tribute Art Show