Fresh from saving the universe from certain doom, a stop into Anaheim’s superhero-worthy beer tasting room to unwind is a must. With the beer signal still shining high in the sky, sharing some suds with my fellow warriors after a hard day of fighting evil is also, a must.

Bellied up at the bar, I’m greeted with Unsung Brewing founder’s world of beer heroes; Buzzman, Troglodyte, Anthia, Naturia, and Propellerhead, each beer full of as much character as the story behind each one.

Unsung Brewing founder Mike Crea created this comic-themed universe, where his beer Troglodyte, a French-style Grisette, gave birth to a character complete with a full backstory. “Troglodyte means “cave-dweller” in French,” says Mike. “Historically, the grisette beer style is what French women would serve their husbands outside of the caves they were mining for ore.”

The story: The hero Troglodyte came about when one man was lost in a mine in France, fell through a sinkhole and was stuck in a cave for months. His body slowly fused with the surrounding rock, somehow finding a way to survive by extracting the minerals from the rocks for nourishment. He became very large (HULK-scale, perhaps 12+ feet tall) during this ordeal, and his body is peppered with rock shards that concentrate at his joints.


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