Pour Vida Latin Flavors

This Anaheim Restaurant Created a Lobster Corn Dog Taco

California has a track record of being open to, and even embracing, the outlandish (just spend a day in Venice Beach). Its newly inherited oddity, a Lobster Corn Dog Taco, is being embraced mouth-first.

The creation is the latest addition to the menu at Pour Vida Latin Flavor in Anaheim, CA. Produced by Chef Jimmy Martinez of PVLF, it’s comprised of a corn-dog battered shell and is filled with sautéed lobster tail and topped with lobster-infused queso.

Imagine: a small, hand-sized pancake, soft and flat on plancha and cooked until it’s golden. Then, it is plucked up, formed into the shape of taco shell, and dried until it’s crispy like one. Add in the succulent tail of a fresh lobster, top with juicy lobster-infused queso, and voila! You have a Pour Vida original.

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