Refresh Your Closet With These Travel Must-Haves

A new year brings a variety of resolutions - purge the unwanted clutter, travel more, secure a new job. As we continue into 2019, there’s still plenty of time to cleanse, purge and reevaluate life.

If your job requires you to travel, then your travel gear can get pretty beat up. Make this the time to check your suitcase, carry-on bag, travel accessories and clothing for wear & tear. Use this checklist as a reminder of what essential travel items might need a refresh.


Practical yet still stylish, these men’s items will allow you to feel refreshed and well-dressed during your travels.

Check List: 

Check List:

Shopping for travel doesn’t have to be boring. With the minimalist, chic travel brand AWAY hosting a Pop-In at Nordstrom, you and your fellow travelers will find the basics (stain removers and electronic adapters) mixed in with a ton of other items that will make traveling that much more enjoyable – everything from tiny white noise machines to travel steamers. 

The Pop-In runs January 11 through February 24, with exclusives that won’t last. Refresh your travel gear and make plans to Visit Anaheim.

AWAY Pop-In at Nordstrom