MFK (Modern Filipino Kitchen): One of Anaheim's Best Kept Secrets

Anaheim is known for its diverse cuisine based around cultural settlements throughout the city. MFK by Aysee is a Filipino soul food restaurant that stands out in its own right. From the fusion-inspired “Purple Drank” to the more traditional Kamayan service, which can be requested in advance, there are many scrumptious options. 

When first arriving at MFK the first thing you will notice is the short and sweet menu. There were eight featured bowls and the loaded tots appetizer. The place was crowded so it was apparent that eight bowls were all that menu needed. Be sure to order the “Purple drank”. The “Purple Drank” is a blend of horchata and ube. You will be hard pressed to find a fusion drink as amazing as this. Ube and horchata work beautifully together. The initial sweetness of the horchata blends so well with the ube flavor.

For your meal, you don't want to miss the Pork Belly Adobo and the Bistek Tagalog, over garlic rice. The Bistek Tagalog is flavorful and goes will in their vinegar-based sauces and hot sauce. The Pork Belly Adobo, which can be replaced with chicken, is similar in flavor to other adobo bowls you will find at other Filipino restaurants. However, the pork belly in this bowl is on another level. Each bite melts in your mouth and blends perfectly with the garlic rice. Highly recommend the pork belly over chicken.

Also available at MFK is a Kamayan meal. MFK’s Kamayan Service is family style meal, built from traditional Filipino foods, that you eat with your hands, and it comes plated on banana leaves. The Kamaya needs to be reserved 72 hours in advance due to the nature of the foods provided and there need to be at least two people on the reservation. 

MFK is a casual restaurant by design but with their unique options, they provide an amazing dining experience. We highly recommend MFK anyone who wants to try something new without taking a huge leap but still having that option to do so if they feel a little brave. Great service, fresh food and decent prices. What more could you ask for?