Jagerhaus: An Authentic Taste of Germany

Did you know that the name Anaheim is derived from two different languages? “Ana” comes from the Spanish “Santa Ana” or “Saint Ana,“ and "Heim” is the German word for home. This cultural fusion of Anaheim's original settlers is something that has lived on, with the city's Germanic roots being found in amazing eateries like Jagerhaus. 

When walking in Jagerhaus, it feels like walking into your German grandma’s house. Adorable little trinkets and wooden panels with floral wallpaper adorn the walls. German folk music can be heard playing in the background throughout the meal.

Start your meal with a beer or two beers from two of the oldest breweries in the world. Favorites include the Wiesenstphen lager and the Wiesenstphen Dunkel. Both breweries have been using the same recipe since the mid-11th century and are a must-have for beer lovers. The lager is perfectly crisp and pairs well with any meal. The Dunkel has an irresistible malty flavor that is hard to find outside of Germany. 

Don't miss out on their bacon-filled sauerkraut (yes, bacon), potato pancakes, German sausages or German noodles. Their food is packed with flavor and simply delicious. The sausages, schnitzel and noodles transport you back to Germany for an authentic flavor experience. No meal is complete without dessert. Don't miss the apple strudel, German chocolate cake or the black forest cake. The apple strudel melts in your mouth and is made with lots of love and butter. The Black Forest Cake is delicious as it is rich. If your craving chocolate, look no farther than this dark chocolate cake filled with real cherries.

More info: Jagerhaus | 2525 East Ball Road at 57 Fwy Anaheim, CA 92806