Davey's Locker Sportfishing & Whale Watching

Did you know that Davey's Locker, in Newport at Balboa Fun Zone, offers Whale watching?

Written By: PennyOnTheGoOC

I have heard about Davey's Locker Sportfishing for a while... my husband has been wanting me to do a half day fishing trip with him, but I recently went out on the Whale Watching tour with my daughter and loved it.

We were given the Captain Seating! This gave us the opportunity to not only sit in with the captain himself but pick his brain when he wasn't narrating the tour! Thank you Visit Anaheim and Davey's Locker.

Our captain was very knowledgeable on the boat, the waters, the sealife and the tricks of the trade...by that I mean he was amazing at spotting whales!

Within 10 minutes we were in yards of a mom and calf grey whale pair!

The captain said it was important to respect their migration path and never go between the shoreline and whales but on the side of open waters.

It was amazing to see the mom and calf come up for air and the motion of speed they took as they traveled north.

Our super-wise captain also advised us that grey whales are not only off the endangered species list but are also the only whales that migrate for birth and not just for food. In fact, they don't eat much at all on their 9-month migration trek! 

About 45 minutes in, the captain saw another pair of grey whales. We were able to watch them for a bit and you can see some of that video HERE.

It was really something to be able to share this educationally fun experience with my daughter. We loved the knowledge of the captain and crew. At one point Zoe asked the captain if he's ever seen an orca. She was captivated hearing that yes he has seen one down on the coast we were in. 

We thought it was so fascinating to hear that the orcas feed on baby whale calves and that only 1 of the 2 we saw were probably to make it all the way back to Alaska. We learned that right now in Monterey there is a surplus of orcas feeding on whale calves. 

The circle of life!

On our way back into the harbor, we spotted sea lions. The captain told us that the difference between seals and sea lions is that sea lions can jump higher onto things so when you see these beauties on the docs or buoys they are most likely sea lions.

Seriously we learned so much while having such a great trip out to our local open ocean.

Here are our 5 top favs and reason why we loved Davey's Locker Whale Watching:

* The knowledge and sea life respect the whole Davey's Locker team has is amazing!

* The ride is beautiful and views of Balboa and Newport coastal communities.

* There are snacks, drinks and plenty of space below and above on the boat. My kids always want a treat!

* The tour was kid-friendly, family-friendly and all age-friendly.

* Location is perfect. Leaving out of Newport Balboa is a great setting. We went on the 3:30 tour and it was perfect weather and timing. I feel like morning noon or night, since they offer an evening tour, would be great and you would experience different sights at different times of day. That means I need to go back asap..hehe.

Bonus... there are always special offers from Davey's Locker, they are great like that, also sign up for their emails!

We had a really great time out with Davey's Locker Whale Watching and cannot wait to return with the whole family!

I think it would also be a perfect date or Mother's Day gift too.

Summer is almost here... are you ready to have some fun?

Check out more details and planning at Davey's Locker on social media here and website here too! And for other great whale watching opportunities check out Dana Warf Sport Fishing!