Foodbeast - Chomping Grounds: Little Arabia

Explore This Cultural Culinary Enclave

We’re always searching for those hidden culinary gems, the secluded restaurant that’s seldom visited but produces some of the best food you can find. While these individual restaurants are scattered all over the world, it’s hard to find an entire neighborhood that can be classified as a hidden gem.

Venture into Anaheim’s Little Arabia, and you’ll find just that. Located not too far from Disneyland, this neighborhood is home to some Middle Eastern food legends. They’ve all been on the block for 20 years or more, making this area THE destination for the local Middle Eastern community looking to get a taste of home.

Whether the food is from Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt or any other Middle Eastern country, there’s a plethora of culture, nostalgia and flavor waiting to be discovered in Little Arabia.

Little Arabia may be small, but the flavors, history, tradition and culture that goes into this district make it a heavyweight in the world of underappreciated dining spots. If you find yourself near the Disneyland area, you’ll be rewarded if you take it upon yourself to venture into this lesser-known Anaheim destination.

You can view all of the restaurants and how they craft their masterpieces in the above episode of Foodbeast’s Chomping Grounds.