Bruery Terreux Focuses on Sour and Wild Ales

One of Southern California's newest and most experimental breweries, Bruery Terreux, is pioneering innovative brewing methods to bring its signature line of farmhouse-style wild and sour ales into the craft beer spotlight.

Wild and sour beers offer a distinct tart and tangy flavor and are created by using wild yeast and a special, fruit-infused fermentation process that requires the use of large wine barrels, known as Foeders.

In fact, Bruery Terreux's Anaheim facility has the largest Foeder system in California. Here, the beer can age and sour thanks to microflora in their wood. This is especially important to the brewing process at Terreux, because the base beer is added to their signature "Frucht." Frucht is Terreux’s series of Berliner Weisse-style beers, which is then infused with fruit to create different flavor profiles.

Past Frucht flavors include Frucht Apricot, Frucht Passion Fruit, and Frucht Yumberry. Currently, Terreux’s is serving it newest flavor, Frucht Blueberry Sour Ale.

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