Best Candy Stores in and Around Anaheim

Got a sweet tooth? You’re in the right place! Anaheim is a must visit for anyone who’s looking to sweeten their day. Candy shops are located all over town, including some magical options located within the Disneyland Resort. We’ve got sweets that’ll bring back candy-coated memories and delicious delights that will be your new favorites.

Candy Palace on Main Street at the Disneyland Resort

There’s nothing like strolling down Main Street and coming upon the Candy Palace. Modeled after the old-timey candy stores from Walt Disney’s youth, it’s nostalgic for all who visited the resort as children. The caramel apples prepped in the storefront window, homemade fudge and swirled lollipops have the magic to take you back. Want the inside scoop on sweets? Head there during the holidays for the highly coveted 18-inch candy canes which are made in limited batches.

Trolley Treats at Disney California Adventure Park

Walt came to California with a suitcase and a dream. And the Churro Toffee, available at Trolley Treats, is the stuff dreams are made of. Capturing the feel of the California Walt knew, the Buena Vista Street candy shop features old-fashioned candy, seasonal favorites and new fanciful delights. Find toffee, fudge, caramel appleas and more.

Marceline's Confectionery at Downtown Disney

Make Marceline’s your home away from home. Downtown Disney’s candy store was named after Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri. But it’s here in Anaheim where you’ll be drooling over cases of marshmallow pops, cereal treats and cookies. Peep in on the Disney bakers working their magic in the large front windows.

Sockerbit Sweet & Swedish at the GardenWalk

Your sweet tooth goes global at the Scandinavian candy shop inside the Anaheim GardenWalk. Try a collection of sweets by the pound. They’re as fresh tasting as they are sweet with options like Raspberry Drops and other gummy flavors. Feeling a little more adventurous? Sample the salty black licorice, a popular Scandinavian treat.

See's Candy Anaheim

What’s black and white, and gives you a free sample? The iconic chocolate shop decked out in checkerboard pays homage to Mary See’s SoCal kitchen and still uses her Peanut Brittle recipe. Grab a pre-made assortment of chocolates or buy your Milk Bordeaux by the pound. There are even some sugar-free options!

Candy Man Inc.

The party is on with selections from Candy Man Inc. The wholesale candy and snacks warehouse has everything you need for celebrating. Fill your pinata or your plate (we don’t judge) with everything from Pop Rocks to popcorn.

Ghost Town Candy at Knott’s Berry Farm

Not far away in Buena Park, delicious sweets abound at Knott’s Berry Farm. You can’t go wrong hitting up the numerous candy stores sprinkled throughout the park. Discover root beer barrels, licorice rope and fresh salt water taffy in a wide variety of flavors, including the park’s renowned boysenberry.

Sweets from Heaven at The Outlets at Orange

Want to feel like a kid in a candy store? Head to Sweets from Heaven at the Outlets at Orange. Just outside Anaheim, the shop has walls upon walls of self-serve sweets. If you’re looking for a favorite candy bar or other commercially available treat, Sweets from Heaven is making M&M’s, Twix Bars and Rolos rain down upon guests.