Aleppo's Kitchen: An Authentic Experience

Craving an authentic Mediterranean meal full of delicious flavors? Look no further than Aleppo's Kitchen. Aleppo’s Kitchen features Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines that are sure to take your tastebuds on an adventure you won't soon forget! 

Their stuffed grape leaves, cheese borek, falafel and sish tawook, a perfectly char-grilled and marinated chicken dish, offer a flavor that is simply unbeatable. Each of these dishes is sure to please any palette. 


The stuffed grape leaves are simply delicious. Plenty of herbs and spices go into the making them the piece of perfection they are. And the cheese borek? It melts in your mouth! It is one of the best cheese appetizers you will ever have. Aleppo's falafel is another highly recommended dish. Pro tip: order a side of hummus and garlic sauce when ordering. You won't regret it! 

The service provided at Aleppo's Kitchen is another selling point for the establishment. Guests are greeted with warm smiles and provided with extremely helpful and genuine recommendations regarding their menu. Aleppo's servers are always more than happy to assist in picking out something delicious from the menu! 

Aleppo's Kitchen is a must-visit location during your stay in Anaheim. From authentic Mediterranean and Syrian cuisines to genuine service, you are sure to love your experience at Aleppo's Kitchen! 

More information available here: Aleppo's Kitchen