A Taste of Fusion at Ma's Chinese Islamic Restaurant

Central Asia has some of the best food in the world. The former hub on the Silk Road was one of the original spots for fusion, which also resulted in the creation of some of the tastiest fusion food. This delicious cuisine that can be found at Ma's Chinese Islamic Restaurant.

Ma's Chinese Islamic Restaurant is an amazing example of fusion food and features delicious halal Chinese cuisine. The food features influences from countries close to China as well as the Uyger section of China which features a larger Muslim population. This makes for a perfect dining destination!

Their menu is to be enjoyed family style, so order multiple dishes to share. Their green onion pie - a thin, fried bread with green onions inside - is one of the many must-haves from the menu. It is a similar shape and size to a tortilla and perfect for holding and dipping other food. Don't miss out on the three flavor pan-fried noodles, a mixture of crunchy and cooked noodles served with a mixture of vegetables in an amazing garlic, soy-based sauce that is delicious! If you can’t decide which halal meat to try, order the Kung Pao Trio. Shrimp, chicken and beef are stir-fried to perfection in a wonderful Kung Pao sauce. Meals also come with the house tea which is acts as a great palette cleanser in between all these amazing flavors.

Restaurants like Mas Islamic are great examples of unique fusion food that are hard to find elsewhere but easily enjoyed in Anaheim due to the diverse community present in Anaheim. This restaurant offers a great taste of some of the amazing cultures that make up Anaheim.

Ma's Chinese Islamic Restaurant | http://www.masislamic.com/ | 601 E Orangethorpe Ave, Anaheim, CA