When we think of “hot dogs” today versus how we used to think of them, we realize that the two depictions are unique from one another. If you are a food-oriented individual, you know the days of calling a simple link-and-bun with a ketchup/mustard combo a “hot dog” have all but disappeared.

Because, you know what a real hot dog is, and you know that a real hot dog has more than just some saucy red and yellow squiggles—a real hot dog is put to work. And by work, we mean the works.

Imagine: a bacon-wrapped dog topped with the essential ketchup and mustard, then lovingly smothered in mayo, hot sauce, grilled onions, chili, cheese sauce, pastrami, jalapenos, and shredded cheddar. It’s not a fantasy, folks, it is REAL, and it is called the “Cardiac Arrest” by its creators, Dragon Dogs!

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