Helpful links to federal, state, county and local green resources.

California State and Federal Government Resources

City and County Initiatives

  • City of Anaheim: the latest information about a greener Anaheim for families, businesses and environments
  • Building Industry Institute: create and adopt new energy efficient opportunities and applications
  • The California Center for Land Recycling : focused on creating sustainable communities by identifying and implementing responsible patterns of land use and development
  • The California Green Building Program : the cost-effective green building program for production builders and California homebuyers
  • Energy Design Resources : helping to make it easier to design and build energy-efficient commercial and industrial buildings in California
  • Global Green USA: works in cooperation with business, government, individuals and non-governmental organizations to foster a global value shift toward a safe and sustainable world
  • Green Home Guide : connects you to advice, information, and green professionals
  • Southern California Edison : continuously works to prevent or reduce the environmental impact of producing and distributing energy
  • Southern California Gas: helping people to save energy at homes and businesses, invest in new technologies, and support organizations dedicated to the environment
  • U.S. Green Building Council :community of leaders working to make green buildings available to everyone
  • LEED Information and Rating System -independent, third-party verification for building projects that meets the highest green building and performance measures

Other Resources