Anaheim's Historic Hotels | Visit Anaheim


March 22, 2017

When visiting a place that’s as historic as Disneyland, why not stay someplace that also has a great story to tell?

The original Disneyland Hotel opened in October 1955, only three months after the park itself went into business. Interestingly, when the hotel opened, in addition to rooms and restaurants, it even included a doctor and dentist on site along with a beauty shop and barber shop.  Today it has become a favorite for visitors not just because of its remarkable legacy but also because it serves as an extension of the park.  The characters and themes are all brought to life in the hotel and it’s a wonderful complement to any Disneyland vacation.  There are even many locals who will book a room there just so they can have the full Disney experience.

As magical as the Disneyland Hotel is though there are a few other places right nearby that also harken back to the earliest days of the park.

The Candy Cane Inn first opened its doors in 1957 and even though it’s well within walking distance to the park, they offer a complimentary shuttle service to and from Disneyland which many families with small children can truly appreciate.  The hotel captures the whimsy of the 1950s but as nostalgic and throwback as it is, still offers nice modern perks like a complimentary breakfast buffet and free on-site parking.

Photo Courtesy of Melissa Monsees on Pinterest

Just 100 yards from Disneyland’s south entrance is the venerable Alpine Inn, with its faux-snow-covered roof and Swiss Alps design. Built in 1959, it is one of many local structures that was theme-inspired by its close proximity to Disneyland.

The Stovall’s family of hotels have surrounded the magic of the Disneyland Park since 1964, thanks to Al Stovall. Back then, as the 1960s were just coming into focus and our country was entering the space age, Stovall wanted his guests to enjoy an out of this world experience when visiting Disneyland, and so he created a space-themed extravaganza with flying saucers, spacemen and aliens adorning the hotel lobby, to a rocket van that would pick up guests from the airport. Each Stovall hotel had its own space age name and theme, including the “Inn of Tomorrow” (now Stovall’s Inn), the “Space Age Lodge,” (now Pavilions Hotel), the “Cosmic Age Hotel,” “The Galaxy Hotel” and the “Apollo Inn.”

Today, the Best Western Plus Stovall’s Inn right near Disneyland still boasts a few space age “Googie” touches, including the poolside, globe shaped cabana. It’s a charming, kitschy trace of the past. Then there is the famous topiary garden that Al Stovall was inspired to design after a trip to Europe before opening his hotels back in the 1960s.  For years, the topiary garden has provided a wonderful photo opportunity for both locals and guests from all over the world.

At the Best Western Plus Pavilions, another of the original Stovall’s hotels, you’ll notice the pool is also a throwback to the space-age days, modeled in the shape of an Apollo rocket.

Those are but a few of interesting and historic places to stay in and around the Anaheim area that are especially perfect and well situated to help maximize any Disneyland vacation. These places are a chance to let your mind drift back to a simpler time to the era when the park opened, when life was much more innocent and simpler.