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February 22, 2017

Disneyland® Resort Hidden Mickeys are one more layer for the in-the-know Disney fan to discover during their Disneyland vacation. Typically, a disguised three-circle head of Mickey Mouse, the Hidden Mickey has become a phenomenon among Disney fans and the Walt Disney Imagineers who design the theme parks.

You can find Hidden Mickeys throughout the Disney theme parks. Some are obvious while others are very well disguised.

While there is no official statement on the first Hidden Mickeys in the theme park, multiple sources state that the Walt Disney Imagineers first developed the concept for the Epcot Center theme park in Walt Disney World in Florida. At the time, the Disney executives didn’t want to have any Disney characters in the theme park, instead focusing on the futuristic and worldwide theme. To have a little fun, the Imagineers decided to slip the silhouette of their favorite mouse into areas throughout Epcot.

After the Hidden Mickeys were discovered by guests and Cast Members, the concept began to spread. The management decided they liked the wholesome concept and encouraged the design team to add Hidden Mickeys to all future projects. Over the years, many more Hidden Mickeys have been added throughout the theme parks.

Much of the fun of the Disneyland Hidden Mickeys is the spontaneity of the discovery. One of my favorite Hidden Mickeys is a perfect example of this. Right beyond the dock when launching on Pirates of the Caribbean, three of the lily pads clump to form a Mickey Mouse head. This is so simple and easy, yet I discovered it on my own. There is a joy in that.

Here are some of my other favorite Hidden Mickeys from Disneyland…

This Hidden Mickey sits atop the Big Ben Clock inside Peter Pan’s Flight in Fantasyland. This one is also rarer because it includes Mickey Mouse’s full body.

Perter Pan's Flight in Fantasyland ~ Hidden Mickey ~ Photo Courtesy of Hidden Mickey Guy

Even the ride control team places Hidden Mickeys. You can find this head inside the controls of the Casey Jr. Circus Train.

Casey Jr. Circus Train ~ Hidden Mickey ~ Photo Courtesy of Hidden Mickey Guy

On one of the walls nearby the loading area of the Mark Twain Riverboat, there is a beautiful advertisement board for “River Excursions.” Find a Hidden Mickey painting onboard the Mark Twain looking inward.

Mark Twain River Boat ~ Hidden Mickey ~ Photo Courtesy of Hidden Mickey Guy

In the entrance way to the fantastic Carthay Circle Restaurant (located in Buena Vista Street, the new entrance section to Disney California Adventure), there is a small Hidden Mickey inlaid in the tiling.

Carthay Circle Resturant ~ Hidden Mickey ~ Photo Courtesy of Hidden Mickey Guy 

In line for Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree in the incredible Cars Land section of Disney California Adventure, find three hubcaps put together to be a Hidden Mickey.

Cars Land Hidden Mickey ~ Photo Courtesy of Hidden Mickey Guy 

Haunted Mansion ~ Hidden Mickey ~ Photo Courtesy of jdhilger

Side of Matterhorn ~ Hidden Mickey ~ Photo Courtesy of Hidden Mickey Guy

Big Thunder Mountain Road ~ Hidden Mickey ~ Photo Courtesy of Loren Javier

There are ways to take the randomness out the search for Hidden Mickeys. If you are interested in this concept and want to see more of the Hidden Mickeys during your trip, I highly recommend the book “Disneyland’s Hidden Mickeys” by Stephen Barrett. In the book you will find clues and information on many of the documented Hidden Mickeys throughout Disneyland. You can also visit his website for a complete photo documentation of numerous Hidden Mickeys throughout Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and even the Disney Cruise Line (http://www.hiddenmickeyguy.com/about).

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Hero Photo Provided By: JDhilger