Vietnamese Food in the OC | Visit Anaheim


December 21, 2016

Among the Hollywood stars, beautiful landscapes, and mostly sunny weather, the people of Southern California are blessed with something extra special: easy access to diverse, authentic cuisine. Indian, Italian, Korean, Japanese, Peruvian, Salvadorean, Polish cuisine—you name it, and chances are you can find it in Southern California.

For delicious Vietnamese food, a SoCal person would make the trek to the area of Little Saigon in Orange County, CA, where the highest concentration of Vietnamese individuals living in the US reside.

We had the chance to meet with Executive Chef Francois Lu of Brodard Chateau, one of our favorite restaurants in Little Saigon, to learn how to make a popular Brodard treat—Bánh Khọt, aka "Vietnamese savory mini pancakes."

He heats up a pocketed pan for a minute, then pours batter into each well. Next, mung beans, shrimp, and onions are added, and the pan is covered up so the pancake can get crispy. After about two and a half minutes, the cover is removed to reveal a finished pancake and cooked shrimp and veggies. The bite-sized cakes are served with salad, herbs, and fish sauce.


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