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December 13, 2016

In 1857, German vintners, actors, and poets left San Francisco after the gold rush to pursue a better life, landing in Anaheim. A rich viticulture grew Orange County’s first city, which by 1880 had a downtown area full of saloons, breweries, and picnic-friendly parks surrounded by vineyards.

A hundred and thirty years later, the city would be part of a different gold rush, this time at the 2014 Great American Beer Festival.

“The gold for American Dark-Style Lager goes to Bottle Logic Brewing, Anaheim, California for Lagerithm.”

The crew shot out of their chairs, fist-bumped the godfather of craft beer Charlie Papazian, then celebrated into the wee hours of a chilly Denver night.

2015 GABF was even better. Not only did the brewery repeat gold for Lagerithm, they added another gold for Cobaltic Porter. Then came the 2016 World Beer Cup, Where the sophomore brewery would take home two more medals for Darkstar November and Cobaltic Porter.

Bottle Logic is more than just medal-winning beer brewed to style; they hope to innovate new flavors and techniques based on a calculated experimentation. Beers like Recursion IPA get tweaked from batch to batch, upping the revision code on each release with new hops, yeast, or water profile. Berlinier Equation, their tart wheat ale gets a hefty load of farm-fresh fruit in different configurations such as strawberry-rhubarb or jammy blueberries. New stouts are made, adding Madagascar vanilla beans and bourbon-barrel aging, making a highly sought after beer called Fundamental Observation, which smells like a pool of brownie batter and bourbon.

The tasting room bar has a distinct science vibe; if a brewery tasting room existed on a spaceship, Bottle Logic would be it. Wavelengths of light beam the draft list to your eyeballs, delivering coded messages to your brain. Neurons get excited, hyperphysics cause your salivary glands to swell and your mouth to speak, sending audible sound waves to the smiling tasting room staff.

“I would like a pint of Lagerithm,” is what they would interpret, then pour a fresh pint into a beaker-marked glass.

Your nose might detect a hints of freshly toasted bread and a kiss of coffee. You take a sip, and discover what all the fuss is about. “Lagerithm is extremely drinkable; it’s dark but not overwhelming,” you think to yourself. You order a second, then a growler fill to go. At 4.8%, it’s refreshing and sessionable.

Each visit Bottle Logic has something new to discover. Whether it’s a new take on a hoppy IPA, barrel-aged sour or stout, Bottle Logic has a keen vision of delivering high-quality interesting beers to the city of Anaheim...and beyond!

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