Ralph Brennan's New Orleans-Style Jambalaya | Visit Anaheim


October 26, 2016

You may think Downtown LA is where it’s poppin’, or perhaps DTSF, maybe even that New York City place we keep hearing about. But ask any happy-go-lucky ORANGE COUNTY native and they’ll cheerfully inform you that Downtown DISNEY is where it’s at!

Among the many family-friendly activities and the Disney lover’s paradise of cutesy character memorabilia that all sit just outside the Magical Kingdom, is a music-lover’s paradise, a Southern-lover’s paradise, and a carb-lover’s paradise: Ralph Brennan’s Jazz Kitchen.

Ralph B’s has been serving friends and families Louisiana-style foods for over 50 years now. We had the opportunity to learn a bit more about its flavors from Executive Chef Darrin Finkel, as he let us in on how to make their famous Pasta Jambalaya.

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