May 27, 2016

Thanks to the overwhelming success of the Disney California Adventure® Park, this park no longer sits in the shadow of Disneyland® . Visitors quickly discover that riding all those rides and seeing all those shows certainly does work up an appetite, and luckily, California Adventure has plenty of great eating options to offer its guests. Here are 10 of our favorite foodie finds inside Disney California Adventure.

Red's Apple Freeze: Something pretty special is happening to apple juice over at the Cozy Cone Motel- cone number four, to be exact- in Radiator Springs. They are freezing it, slushifying it, sweetening it up with marshmallow syrup, topping it with passion fruit mango foam, and turning it into the perfect heat-beating drink for a warm California day. What made the geniuses over at Disney think to combine such a curious array of ingredients into this little bit of magic? I am not sure. But I am sure glad they did!

Photo courtesy of Foodsofdisneyland on Instagram

Corn Dogs: The corn dog cart at the end of Disneyland's Main Street has long been a fan favorite with ever-present lines reflecting its popularity. But what some fans might not realize is that they can get the same amazing corn dogs (the best on the planet!) at the Corn Dog Castle in Disney California Adventure, located just past the Little Mermaid attraction. Same perfect cornmeal batter. Same juicy snap of the hot dog. Only difference? The wait. Like things spicy? Then give the hot link corn dog a try!

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Lobster Nachos: Who doesn't love lobster? Who doesn't love nachos? I think you see where I am going with this one. The Cove Bar behind Ariel's Grotto is the place to score this heaping plate of heaven. Disney doesn't skimp on the lobster claw meat which is ideally complemented by the chipotle crema drizzled atop your pile of perfection. If you are visiting the park sans children, don't be surprised if you find yourself lingering at the Cove Bar, drink in hand, longer than expected.

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Clam Chowder in a Sourdough Bread Bowl: As someone who spent 13 years living Northern California, my allegiance to a San Francisco sourdough bread bowl filled with steaming clam chowder runs deep. Luckily, Disney knows a good thing when they taste it and has its very own Boudin sourdough bread bakery inside the park! Guests can savor the same amazing bread bowl full of chowder they would enjoy at San Francisco's Fisherman's Wharf, at California Adventure's Pacific Wharf Cafe. This area of the park is typically less crowded, and great food aside it'€™s a nice place to decompress.

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Hand-Dipped Ice Cream Bars: Clarabelle's on Buena Vista Street serves up some fantastic hand-dipped ice cream bars. What makes them so memorable? Guests get to design their sweet treat creation.  First, choose from vanilla bean ice cream, chocolate ice cream or mixed berry sorbet. Then pick from either milk or dark chocolate for dipping, and top with chocolate chip morsels, confetti Mickey's, blue raspberry bursts, or rainbow sprinkles. If you are feeling fancy, go big and ask for the Whole Herd. 

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Fire Cracker Duck Wings: Besides being a sophisticated escape from the bustling theme park atmosphere, Cathay Circle Restaurant is also a great place to enjoy a nice meal. Several options from squash ravioli to a tender thick cut pork chop are crowd favorites, but the signature fire cracker duck wings with their soy, lime and Sriracha Chili Sauce glaze consistently have diners coming back for more.

Photo courtesy of Disney Food Blog

Brioche French Toast: Those getting to the park bright and early will want to stop into Flo's V8 Cafe in Radiator Springs to indulge in the brioche French toast, which is topped with salted caramel sauce and bananas. Sit outside on the back patio and watch the Radiator Springs Racers whizz by while this breakfast gets your own engine revving.

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Mediterranean Skewers: Is all that brioche French toast you ate for breakfast leaving you craving a lunch that isn't fried, sugared, or laden with carbs? Paradise Garden Grill is the place to go for tasty, yet healthy kabobs. Just select a meat (grilled steak, lemon-oregano chicken, beef kefta, or vegetable and tofu), as well as a sauce (Moroccan chili, chimichurri, tandoori-spiced yogurt, or tzatziki), and you'€™re good to go! Their meat/sauce combo is served up with pita bread, cucumber salad, and rice pilaf making it a refreshingly satisfying lunch that you can feel good about.

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Churros: If you have never been exposed to the warm, crispy, cinnamon-sugary, bite of heaven that is the churro, California Adventure is a great place to expand your taste buds.  If you happen to belong to the never had a churro club, Disneyland is the perfect place to rescind your membership. These sweet treats can be found at food carts inside the park as well as at the Cozy Cone Motel (cone one) where these are served up bite-sized, with a cinnamon spice chocolate sauce.

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Ghirardelli Hot Fudge Sundae: Ghirardelli is sure to win you over with their combination of two of the world's greatest foods: chocolate and ice cream. Opt for the classic: two scoops of vanilla topped with hot fudge, whipped cream, chopped almonds and a cherry; or branch out with flavors such as butterscotch, caramel, mint chip and more.

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