April 14, 2014

I'€™m a huge comic book fan, and judging by the huge box office haul for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier," thus far, it appears that I'€™m not alone.

I'€™ve always been a fan of comics. As a kid I'd get drawn into the adventures of the various superheroes and story lines. Back in the day, comic book conventions" were pretty bland. In the past decade though, comic book conventions have evolved into grand spectacles and WonderCon Anaheim is no exception.

Comic Book Merchandise at WonderCon 2013

WonderCon Anaheim is back in the Anaheim Convention Center April 18-20. When WonderCon is in Anaheim, I'€™m in heaven. It used to be where all you could hope for was to get your favorite artist or writer to sign that oh-so-special comic book that had some sort of importance and value to you. Comic book conventions have evolved to be a celebration of the genre and include costume contests, special panels, screenings and celebrity guests, as well as those aforementioned signing opportunities.

Celebrity panel with Milla Jovovich

WonderCon was started in 1987 in Oakland, California, as '€œThe Wonderful World of Comics Convention.'€ By the third year, '€œWonderCon'€ became the official name of the convention. Comic-Con International took over the show in 2002 and moved the show to downtown San Francisco in 2003. WonderCon is often referred to as Comic-Con International'€™s little sister and in 2012 she came to Anaheim, due to construction at the Moscone Center.

Comic costume contests

Although nowhere near the size of Comic-Con International, little sis is growing up pretty quickly. Last year attendance grew to nearly 50,000. As another sign of maturation, this year the event is officially called Comic-Con International Presents WonderCon Anaheim." 

WonderCon Anaheim

Given that the Anaheim Convention Center is the largest on the West Coast and is already set to break ground on another expansion come this August, WonderCon Anaheim has plenty of room to grow."